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The Best Refrigerator 2013

The space for the fridge you've got in your kitchen directly affects your purchasing options. If you change your kitchen or move into a new house, you can probably arrange the kitchen to allow a fridge of any size you want. If you simply need a replacement fridge for your old one, there’s obviously not a lot of room for a maneuver.

Yet, there are some types of refrigerators that are made to fit limited spaces. French door and side-by-side fridges need little swing space which makes both a great option for smaller kitchens. If you go with regular top- or bottom-mount appliances, make sure the door swings in the right direction, given the conditions of your kitchen. Bottom-mount models usually offer bigger freezers, so if you buy lots of frozen foods, opt for a bottom-mount model.

Some people like bigger fridges, others like it neat and small. When buying a refrigerator, think of the size of your last one and how well it nested all your groceries. If it was just fine, look for a fridge of the same size; otherwise, look for a bigger cubic footage (again, if your kitchen allows that).

Some features can be found in nearly any modern refrigerator, e.g. adjustable glass shelves, clear shelves, slide-out bins, etc. There are lots of extra features producers add to their appliances, too. These extras are a great way to differentiate a product, but think carefully which of them you truly need. Some features can considerably add up to the overall cost. Some of the most popular extras are:

  • Special compartments with temperature and humidity controls for fresh foods like meat, fruits and vegetables;
  • Many side-by-side models offer door-mounted water dispensers and/or ice makers. With this option you don’t have to open a fridge to grab some ice or pour some water. While they are certainly convenient, the feature is usually expensive and adds up to the energy demands of the fridge;
  • Ice storage bins;
  • Spill-proof shelves;
  • LED lighting.

Probably the most useful feature is improved energy efficiency. Energy-efficient models are more expensive, but they provide over 20% savings in utility bills. Some states and cities offer rebates for owners of efficient models.

Keep in mind the desired size of the fridge when shopping. Consider only those models that will fit your kitchen – you don’t want to end up returning the purchased refrigerator simply because it was too big.

Below you will find reviews of the top models.



Are you looking for a gorgeous piece of kitchenware? Then choose LG LFX28978ST. This French Door Refrigerator has a sleek design and suits the whole family. It offers a plenty of features and gives more room for your food.

This fridge contains lots of compartments, shelves and door storage. It is incredible, but its vendors claim that this refrigerator can store up to 28 gallons of milk.

Another excellent feature is that this fridge model is very easy to clean. Wipe shelves and cabinets with a damp cloth to keep your fridge neat. The stainless steel exterior is stable to fingerprints and smudges.

LFX28978ST has a number of stunning features, which will bring many benefits to your life. They are Slim Space plus Ice System, Exterior/Interior Styling System, Tall Ice and Water Dispensing System and Energy Star compliant efficiency. Then add a door alarm function that will let you know when you forget to close the door.

Besides, you can find your food quickly due to excellent refrigerator organizing.

LG proves its quality with a 1-year warranty on all parts and 7 years of coverage on the sealing system.

Are you still in doubt? LFX28978ST is an excellent value for money!

Samsung RF263AERS

Samsung RF263AERS

If you are searching for technology innovation along with comfort and stylish design, choose Samsung RF263AERS.

This fridge has a number of advantages. Let us list them below.

The first one is EZ-Open Handle, which makes the freezer opening easier.

The second benefit is RF263AERS Twin Cooling System. It provides dual action cooling and keeps your food fresh. Moreover, it maintains required humidity and temperature levels.

Samsung’s Cool Tight Doors are its third advantage. They ensure tight seal each time for cooling efficiency.

The fourth positive moment of this refrigerator is its ENERGY STAR compliance. It means that your fridge model helps the environment by saving energy.

The fifth one is Surround Air Flow, which provides uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator for optimal temperatures maintaining.

The sixth pro is Cool and Freeze Options. Fast food chill or freeze is at your disposal in a short time period whenever you need. The system runs non-stop till the set temperature is reached.

Tempered Glass and Spill-Proof Shelves are the seventh convenience of Samsung RF. They are designed to hold above 100 kilograms. 

SubZero PRO 48

SubZero PRO 48

Many people think it is difficult to beat a SubZero PRO 48 fridge. Made of 100% steel, this high-end appliance enjoys advanced controls and dual refrigeration.

What makes SubZero so special? Keep on reading and soon you will find it out.

First of all, the Pro 48 can be installed as an integrated setting, built-in, or as a freestanding appliance.

Due to its two compressors and three evaporators, your food is constantly maintained at its maximum freshness.

Standard features of Pro 48 refrigerator include a high-quality water filter as well as automatic icemaker for pure drinking water production. The shelving is spill proof; moreover, the device has regulated dividers in the storage drawers.

You can purchase this refrigerator in two options. One of them is with stylish glass doors, while the second is all stainless steel.

The warranty on SubZero is excellent. It comes with one-year warranty and provides five-year coverage on the hermetic cooling system.

The only problem with Pro 48 is its price. Though, if you can afford to buy it, it will be the best option for your kitchen.

Whirlpool Latitude GI7FVCXW

Whirlpool Latitude GI7FVCXW

Whirlpool Latitude GI7FVCXW is a full package. It has a high price tag with great functionality attached to it. It is certainly one of the top models every housewife can only dream of. The fridge looks solid, offers spacious storage compartments, a truly remarkable high-tech design, and several additional features that are rare to find in cheaper refrigerators.

An Energy Star qualified Whirlpool Latitude is packed with awesome innovations that take their origin in spacecraft, aviation and other progressive industries. For instance, the exterior is not just about impressive design: it has a scratch-resistant coating that is meant to preserve the fridge’s stunning look for years to come.

High quality is all over the inside compartments as well. This refrigerator has an overall capacity of 26.6 cubic feet (split 19.7/6.9 between the refrigerator and freezer). It offers four customizable shelves and several spacious door bins. The appliance has a big freezer with a pair of baskets, humidity controlled crisper and an advanced icemaker with great ice-making capabilities.

Programmable water dispenser with a filter is one of its smart features. Such dispensers are in high demand recently in North America and elsewhere in the world. Thanks to its French door design, not much space is required to swing the doors open, while smooth and quite operation round up the description of this great fridge.